University of Portsmouth courses may have varied costs

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COURSES on offer at the University of Portsmouth could in future have different tuition fees attached to them.

Professor John Craven said he ‘could not rule out’ charging a range of fees across courses – with the humanities at the cheap end and sciences the most expensive.

He said: ‘We considered setting fees according to subjects (in 2012/13) but decided against, but that doesn’t mean to say we won’t in future.

‘One of the reasons we didn’t go down that route is that we are assuming we will get government funding to top up the resources for the sciences. We also considered the impact it would have on a course like engineering, for example, that doesn’t recruit as strongly as politics. Increasing the fees for engineering would only put people off.’

Prof Craven has proposed tuition fees of £8,500 and said he would not drop the price of courses for late entrants or undersubscribed departments – a loophole disclosed recently by a government source.

He said: ‘I would be reluctant to go down that route.’