University of Portsmouth to study the financial landscape

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ECONOMISTS at the University of Portsmouth have taken a vital step towards understanding how crowdfunding is changing the UK and global financial landscape.

Portsmouth Business School and the Crowdfunding Centre have announced a formal partnership, thought to be the first of its kind.

The agreement will tell researchers, led by economist Dr Joe Cox, what makes people want to contribute, which projects are most likely to succeed and what it might mean for the economy.

The Crowdfunding Centre’s founder and director Barry James is an advocate for crowdfunding. He has also been appointed Visiting Fellow at the university’s business school.

He said: ‘It’s vital we work together to understand how these financial innovations are changing the world and their potential to help create a brighter future.’

Dr Cox is one of very few academics in the UK to be studying crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. He is leading a £750,000 crowdsourcing research project.