Warblington School starts to climb up the Ofsted ladder

HAPPY Headteacher Julia Vincent with pupils Luc Garner-Gibbons and Claudia Rowthorn Picture: Sarah Standing (142792-9341)
HAPPY Headteacher Julia Vincent with pupils Luc Garner-Gibbons and Claudia Rowthorn Picture: Sarah Standing (142792-9341)
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STRONG leadership and good teaching are behind a great leap forward at a school.

Warblington School in Havant has been graded good across the board in its latest Ofsted inspection.

It is a huge step from its previous visit from Ofsted two years ago when inspectors said the school required improvement.

In the new report, they said standards are rising sharply with students achieving well across all year groups and in most subjects.

Pupils feel safe and behave well and have risen to the new challenges presented to them.

Teaching is good in most subjects, with some outstanding.

Headteacher Julia Vincent said: ‘The whole school is delighted, the community – the staff, students and governors.

‘We have had much praise from parents as well for the work that we have done.

‘The staff worked incredibly hard and they deserve this report because they have worked tirelessly for it.

‘Students are proud of their school and are proud to come here – they weren’t before.

‘The teaching is good and at times outstanding. The inspectors told me that they saw some inspirational teaching, which is lovely to hear.

‘The students respond well to the teaching that they are receiving.

‘They are much more driven to learn than they used to be.’

But Mrs Vincent said staff will not rest on their laurels.

‘It’s still our intention to become outstanding,’ she said.

‘I remain optimistic about the future.’

The report said that the school is not yet outstanding because not enough students gain the highest grades at GCSE level.

The school needs to improve the quality of teaching to outstanding to accelerate students’ progress and raise attainment.

Mrs Vincent added: ‘You don’t turn a school around in two years. In your older year groups you have still got some underachievement from the time before. It takes a long time to make a school outstanding.

‘We have got to continue to look at how to improve the achievement of students.

‘There will be more stretching and challenging for all students.’