Egg mystery is a web cracker

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ALMOST one million people have watched a video of a father cracking open an egg - only to find another one inside.

Last week The News revealed how Sean Wilson, a father of two from Waterlooville, was shocked to find his chicken had laid an egg three times the normal size.

It weighed almost half a pound and Sean couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

His wife Marie filmed him as he cracked it open ready to make a fried egg sandwich. His reaction to what was inside has captured the public’s imagination and so far the film has had 866,000 views on the video sharing site YouTube.

Sean, 41, said: ‘It’s gone absolutely crazy. I put it online for my friends and family really to watch it on Facebook and after the first day it got a few hundred hits. The next day it was 1,000 and from then it’s become unstoppable. It’ll be one million in a few days.

‘I’ve had people phoning me all the time. Apparently it’s being watched all over the world.

‘My sister-in-law rang to say she was on a website based in Los Angeles which called me an “internet phenomenon”.

‘I think the reason why people like it so much is because of my reaction. I’m genuinely shocked.’

Sean can be heard on the video eggs-claiming: ‘Oh. My. God. Shut up! You are having a laugh! There’s an egg inside the egg. You’ve seen that for real, that’s no joke.’

But it didn’t put him off eating it.

He added: ‘Some people think the egg is really weird and it creeps them out a bit. They can’t believe I’d actually eat it. But I did and it was lovely.’




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