Emsworth hit by flooding

Emsworth was hit by flooding yesterday
Emsworth was hit by flooding yesterday
The incident happened in Lawrence Road in the early hours of this morning. Picture: Google Maps

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PARTS of Emsworth were hit by flooding after high tides and bad weather.

Pictured is Queen Street, which was badly affected by torrential downpour yesterday. That along with a high tide and strong winds caused water flood some streets.

Pete Mahoney is the landlord of the Lord Raglan pub, which has been affected by flooding many times.

He said: ‘Every 12 hours there’s a high tide and when it rains heavily as it has been, then it does worry me.

‘I was at work and away from the pub but I was aware I could get a call from my family to say there has been another flood.

‘Luckily yesterday there wasn’t one – we had sea defences up.

‘But there is always that worry it will flood again.’

Heavy downpours of rain were forecast to fall this afternoon, which could cause problems with flooding again during high tide.