Exhibition to show Rowner estate rising out of the ashes

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YOUNG people have taken photographs of the development of the Rowner housing estate for an exhibition.

The youngsters have put together an exhibition on the changing landscape of the Gosport estate, called the Rowner Phoenix Photography Project.

Their photographs will be exhibited at the Ashcroft Arts Centre in Osborn Road, Fareham from today.

Ashcroft Arts Centre spokeswoman Rebecca Stancliffe said: ‘Young people have found interesting and personal ways to capture the beauty of their area through photography.

‘The Rowner estate was built during the 1960s for naval families but the high rise housing has been in decline ever since.

‘The young people involved in the project have been working to document this changing landscape of their homes and the local buildings.’

The young photographers worked with a professional photographer and leaders from the Rowner Youth Centre to produce the exhibition, which runs until March 16.