Exotic bird breeder scoops every prize at national event

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ENTHUSIAST Terry Sayers has been breeding exotic birds since he was 11 years old.

And with more than 60 years of expertise under his belt, the 74-year-old has won a number of accolades for his prized pets over the years.

But Terry says his achievement of scooping all of the rosettes at the Welsh National Exhibition of Show Birds is one of the best so far.

‘When I was nine years old, I got my first bird,’ said Terry.

‘My first was a lovebird and then a budgerigar.

‘My mum brought me up on her own so I have built this up on my own.’

The former vehicle engineer joined his first caged bird society as a child in Cobham, Surrey, where he grew up.

From there, he became more and more interested in the hobby.

None of the birds, which live in a homemade aviary in the garden of Terry’s Cosham home, has a name.

A painting of the only bird he ever named is in his living room.

The picture of prize-winning Will Scarlet sits proudly on the wall.

‘Seven times he won the nationals,’ Terry proudly said.

‘There was nothing that could beat him. I lost him when I was living on the Isle of Wight.’

Terry’s lifelong hobby takes him all over the world – winning national competitions in Wales, England and Scotland regularly, and judging others as far as Australia.

‘I have judged all the national shows myself at least three times and have been to Holland and a judge for the Royal Swedish competition,’ he said.

Now Terry is trying to encourage other people to get involved in the world of cage bird keeping.

He is the secretary of Solent Caged Bird Society and Havant Cage Bird Society, and his quest to get more people interested has already been successful within his family.

‘My seven-year-old granddaughter is already following in my footsteps. She has won two shows already and she knows all the names of my birds,’ he said.

Terry said he wants to find more bird owners to sign up and get involved in the societies’ monthly meetings.

Anyone who is interested can contact him by e-mailing sibia@talktalk.net or calling (023) 9237 9301.




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