Falcons produce four more eggs at cathedral

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THE famous pair of peregrine falcons at Chichester Cathedral have just produced four eggs – and visitors will soon be able to view the live action in the nest.

This is the 11th year in a row the city’s celebrity birds of prey have bred on top of the cathedral – an impressive record for peregrines.

The RSPB’s project officer, Peter Harrison, said: ‘From when the female laid her first egg on Monday, March 21 we were watching closely to see how many would appear, and we saw the fourth one arrive on Saturday.’

From April 13 to around July 10, the RSPB will be running its Date with Nature project at the cathedral. Entry is free, and there will be equipment and a viewing area set up so people can watch the birds as they raise their new brood.

Visitors to the cathedral have been able to watch every year as the pair incubate their eggs, tend to their chicks and teach their young how to fly.

Since 2002, the Chichester Cathedral pair have raised 34 chicks together.