Family flees house as television catches fire

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A FAMILY had to escape from their house after a television went up in flames.

They dialled 999 after a blaze broke out in their living room at the house in Dayslondon Road, Waterlooville.

The father was going up to bed at about 12.40am yesterday when he heard a loud pop and the fire started.

The family got out unscathed and three fire engines arrived at the property.

Watch manager Kevin Lloyd-Spencer, from Cosham fire station, said: ‘Four children and two grown-ups managed to leave the building and were not affected by the fire.

‘Because their actions were so prompt, it managed to minimise damage.

‘We were able to quickly extinguish the fire.’

The cause of the fire was an electrical fault.

Crews from Waterlooville and Cosham attended the incident and used ventilators to get rid of smoke.

Mr Lloyd-Spencer added: ‘Anything that has a stand-by that can be turned off, it’s always prudent to do it. Make sure electrical sockets are not overloaded.’