Family’s Halloween house of horrors

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THEY say their neighbours call them the Addams Family.

But the Pearce family, of Second Avenue in Farlington, can stake a claim at having the scariest Halloween display in the south.

It will be the 10th year running that the family has marked the spooky occasion and hope this year’s effort will be the best yet.

Lauren Pearce, 25, is the brainchild behind the family’s annual ghoulish goings-on and creates the models for their display.

She says visitors to their home can expect a new addition this year.

She said: ‘We have a new addition in the form of a 6ft zombie, which will be in our garden.

‘We have a zombie baby, animatronics, a witch, a ghost, a butler, a cauldron and a fog machine.

‘It has got more scary as the years have gone on. At least 200 people come to the house and the main cause is to scare the wits out of the kids.

‘They just run away and some don’t come anywhere near the house.’

Her grandfather Eddie Stechman used to build full-size marionettes and the 25-year-old admits her love of making spooky models stems from him.

Mr Stechman, who passed away 14 years ago, has had work exhibited at Portsmouth Museum.

She added: ‘I have always been quite strange and I am not really girly. My grandad was a wood carver and we used to tour with them – it has come from that. I like making my own 

‘Because it’s our 10th year we have been doing it, we have really gone for it.

‘Some of the family will be jumping out of coffins. Everyone says you need to grow up a bit but I love it too much.

‘People call us the Addams Family round here.’

This year the family will be dressing up as characters from Tim Burton films.

Her mother Susan Pearce will be dressed as Edward Scissorhands, while her boyfriend Billy Hatton will put on the costume of Beetlejuice.

Miss Pearce says she is already looking forward to next Halloween as there will be a new member of the family.

She added: ‘I am six months pregnant and we have already bought Halloween clothes for it. The baby will be here but it will definitely be the 

Her mother added: ‘I like to see the children’s faces and I like to see them scream. I was always a fan of Halloween, which is why my daughter started.

‘My father would put his hand to anything and if he was alive today he would have helped with the models.’




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