Fareham community reporter Kieran James

Kieran James
Kieran James

THIS WEEK IN 1988: Church silent on sex ring scandal

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I recently studied at Barton Peveril College where I took various media-based subjects to achieve a place at this course.

I am originally from Bournemouth however I currently live in Eastleigh.

Football plays a big part in my life as I have three years’ experience in writing match reports for an online news website.

The team I support and write my articles about is my local side Eastleigh FC and I am currently a season ticket holder there.

I am also passionate about music and I enjoy writing articles about rock bands.

My patch will be at Fareham and I am looking forward to covering articles from this area and to show off my new skills which I hope to learn in this great opportunity that I have.

I have had several articles published in the past year and I am ready to take on the next level of journalism.

Contact Kieran on 02392 622 235, at kieran.james@jpress.co.uk or on Twitter @PN_KieranJames