Fareham community reporter Kimberley Dewey

Kimmi Dewey
Kimmi Dewey

THIS WEEK IN 1993: Portsmouth teenager killed in knife fight

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I’ve always written stories all throughout primary and secondary school.

On the back of a leaving card - the ones with the class photos on - my year 6 English teacher told me I had a flair for it.

Their comments have always stayed with me and inspired me to pursue writing as a profession.

I’ve always been a ‘home girl’ and my family and friends are of great importance in my life. I couldn’t be more grateful for their constant strength and support. Having Fareham as the patch I’m covering is really exciting, especially as it’s the place where I grew up. I think it’s important to bring the community together and celebrate even the little things that happen in our local area. It’s always nice to hear about somebody’s successful fundraiser, or any opportunities they may have been faced with, however big or small. Speaking of opportunities, I’m so honoured to be given the chance to write for and study in partnership with The News. After the course I hope to be an established journalist, but the big dream is to end up in broadcasting; either in production or screenwriting. I’m keen to share my creations with the world.

Contact Kimberley on 02392 622 224, at kimberley.dewey@jpress.co.uk or on Twitter @PN_KimmiDewey