Fareham firefighters climb to the top of ‘Everest’

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Artists impression of the Solent Freedom Tunnel portal at Whippingham, IOW. 
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The Able Connections proposal is to create a new North-South axis through the centre of the Solent region by constructing a tunnel from the M27 east of junction 9 to the Whippingham roundabout on the Isle of Wight, with an additional access intersection 'cut and cover' portal near the mainland coast between Browndown and Meon.  (options being discussed). The scheme brings a range of benefits to the region, including a step change in the connectivity of the Solents emerging mass transit public transport network, reduced highway congestion, reduced HGVs in city centres, new habitat for wildlife and public amenity, agglomeration benefits for industries in the Aerospace, Marine Defence and Composites sectors and other major employers in south Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, as well as improved accessibility for tourists to the island. The scheme

Striking first look at proposed £1.2bn tunnel between Isle of Wight and M27

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BATTLING against a biting wind and freezing temperatures, anybody would think that these firefighters were really climbing the snowy peaks of Everest.

Members of White Watch, based at Fareham Fire Station, took their ladders and buckets to Asda in Newgate Lane to raise money for a good cause.

ON THE UP Firefighters climb ladders to raise money at Asda in Fareham.

ON THE UP Firefighters climb ladders to raise money at Asda in Fareham.

With ladders leant against the supermarket’s roof, a team of 10 firefighters completed a sponsored ladder climb the equivalent distance in height to that of Mount Everest.

They were raising money for a 19-year-old girl that had been involved in a serious road traffic collision in May.

The team from White Watch had attended the crash and had rescued her from the car.

Unfortunately, the teenager, who doesn’t want to be named, was left paralysed after the accident.

Paul Coates, Pete Broomfield, Andy Gussman, Paul Cambell, Neil Stephenson and Tom Maslin

Paul Coates, Pete Broomfield, Andy Gussman, Paul Cambell, Neil Stephenson and Tom Maslin

When the firefighters heard that her family needed to raise £4,000 for a specially-adapted wheelchair, they immediately offered to help.

Lin Batten, the station’s cleaner, was helping out and holding a collection bucket.

She said: ‘She used to play in our darts team, so when she had the accident I kept the guys at the fire station informed.

‘Usually when they attend a scene they don’t hear much more afterwards but as soon as they found out, they couldn’t do enough to help.’

Paul Coates, station manager, said he had been up the ladder at least 50 times already.

He said: ‘I’ve come down here on my day off to support them. It’s such a good cause.

‘White Watch really wanted to help the young lady. That is exactly what our firefighters are like. They are a real driving force in the community.’

Firefighter Paul Cambell said: ‘We had to get her out of the car. When we heard that she needed a wheelchair we didn’t hesitate in helping in any way we could.’

All donations are welcome at Fareham Fire Station, Station Approach, Fareham, PO16 0HZ

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