Firefighters rescue horse from river

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FIREFIGHTERS spent more than an hour trying to free a horse stuck in a river.

Refuse collectors first noticed the distressed animal in the River Meon just before 7am today.

They called the fire service who arrived to find the grey mare trapped, unable to release herself, close to the Fisherman’s Rest pub, Fishers Hill, Titchfield.

The crew from Fareham and the animal rescue team from Havant managed to put a harness on the horse and pull her out.

Crew manager Paul Cambell(CORR) said: ‘They don’t suffer with hypothermia as we do, per se, but it was shaking and cold when we arrived.

‘’There were a few horsey ladies who came over the from field and tried to entice the animal out with sugar beet, hay and pellets.

‘We cleared the bridge and bank of people as horses can thrash about a bit.’

The horse was eventually pulled out at around 8.15am and collapsed, exhausted, on the bank. It is not know how long it had been in the river.

Mr Cambell said: ‘She was quite old so she laid down because she was obviously tired. All of a sudden she just hopped up and it was led away back to the stable.’

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