Floods hit Emsworth area

Cladding being taken off Horatia House in Somers Town Portsmouth

PICTURED: Residents react as work starts to remove cladding from two Somers Town high rises due to fire risks after Grenfell Tower blaze

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There has been localised flooding in parts of Emsworth and Southbourne.

Areas of Emsworth affected included Woodlands Avenue, Redlands Lane, Birch Tree Drive, and Nursery Close.

Firefighters from Havant were called to a flooded property in Woodlands Avenue, Emsworth, at about 11.20am and gave advice to the owner.

Emsworth resident Dan Pope, 35, who lives in Anthony Way, said water had flooded people’s driveways and had crept up to people’s doorsteps.

He said parts of Southleigh Road were impassable due to flooding.

Mr Pope said: ‘The water is running like a river into Nursery Close.

‘You can’t get through the street.

‘My concern is there’s a lot of old people round here and they are stuck in their houses.’

Southbourne has been one of the worst affected areas for flooding.

Water is up to 3ft deep on the mini-roundabout in the centre of the village on the A259, Main Road.

Ben Bulbeck, who works at Southbourne Farm Shop in Main Road, said: ‘It’s been very bad round the church, the chemists and the mini-roundabout.

‘There’s a couple of cars that have gone straight over the roundabout and ended up stalling as their batteries have died.

‘It must be 3ft at its worst. I think this is the worst spot along the A259 and the traffic is having to move very slowly.

‘This spot is always quite bad for flooding.

‘The pavements are already submerged.

‘The water is lapping up against people’s driveways.

‘As far as I know no-one has had to be evacuated.’

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