Gosport romantic pops the big question 500ft over Hayling beach

Morgan Sheldon and Jade Farmer

Morgan Sheldon and Jade Farmer

IT began as a helicopter ride to tackle Jade Farmer’s fear of flying.

But little did she know that her boyfriend Morgan Sheldon had organised for a big sign to be placed on Hayling beach with the life-changing question ‘Will you marry me?’.

At 500ft, and through the headset, Morgan proposed to Jade, who choked back tears as she was so shocked and happy.

Her answer, much to Morgan’s relief, was ‘yes’.

In a moment of romantic magic, the ring went on the finger as they flew over Spinnaker Tower.

It was a fairytale ending for the lovebirds – but it certainly took some organising and a few white lies from Morgan.

The 34-year-old, a businessman from Gosport, said: ‘I was ecstatic. It all went to plan.’

The pair have been going out for six months after meeting through Morgan’s hairdressing business, Hair@55 in Gosport.

Morgan said: ‘I tried to hire the Spinnaker Tower but it was unavailable.

‘I phoned round various helicopter companies and ended up with one in Chichester.’

The couple went shopping in Chichester and Morgan said he had to pop to Goodwood as his decorating business is helping with the Goodwood Revival.

Meanwhile, Ryan Lind, 21, who works for Morgan, had driven to Hayling Island with a sheet that had been spray painted by Morgan the night before.

Morgan said: ‘She only realised when I took her to sit in the private waiting area.

‘I said to her ‘we are going on a helicopter flight.’ I said it was because she was slightly nervous about flying to Egypt on holiday. The pilot was in on it and so were the ground crew.

‘As we flew over the seafront, the pilot said ‘There’s the lifeboat station’ and flew down to have a closer look.

‘She realised it said ‘Will you marry me?’ By that time I had the ring in my hand and I proposed to her through the headset.’

Jade, 22, from Gosport, said: ‘I was really scared. When we got in the air, it was fine.

‘I did not expect it at all. I said ‘Oh my God, is that for me?’ Then I saw the ring. I was completely shocked but happy.’

The couple hope to set a date for next August.




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