Great South Run competitors face gruelling turn into home straight

Colin Goater

Colin Goater

Michelle Bates, WO2 Lloyd Gillingham, Noah, six, and Gunner Ryan Hancock
Pictures: Habibur Rahman

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Stiff winds were predicted pose a challenge in the final stages of the Great South Run today.

The traditional difficult point at which runners turn the corner at Eastney to head into the breeze as they run along the seafront to the finish line was expected to be even more challenging today.

Colin Goater, one of the founders of the event, said this morning: ‘The problem with the weather will obviously affect the runners as they get to the nine mile point at Eastney as they come in on the approach.

‘I heard Florence Kiplagat talking today about breaking a record which would be absolutely amazing in this weather. Runners talk about getting their personal best. This isn’t the weather for that today.

‘Good luck to everyone running and enjoy it.’

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