Guinea pigs are a delight at Fareham show

Meg Bennett and her daughter Natasha. 
Picture: Ian Hargreaves (142317-3)

Meg Bennett and her daughter Natasha. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (142317-3)

THEY’RE small, furry and ever so cute.

They’re cavies, commonly known as guinea pigs, and they’re more popular than ever.

More than 370 of the furry critters were part of an annual guinea pig show put on by the Fareham Cavy Club on Saturday.

Rosettes were given to the best ‘pedigree’ animals in breeds including teddy, Himalayan and Abyssinian.

There were also awards for the best pet guinea pigs, which are often cross-breeds.

Julie Gallagher, from Hook, is the secretary of Fareham Cavy Club.

She said the animals had always been popular and they were becoming more so.

Ms Gallagher said: ‘They’re such cute little creatures and they’ve got quite a big following.

‘They’re not just children’s pets – many adults have got them as well.’

Ms Gallagher said she had about 100 guinea pigs at home, and ‘that’s nothing compared to what some people have’.

‘They do tend to be a little bit of an addiction, she said. ‘They take over your life.’

Jayne McIlroy, 46, of Gosport, said she had four guinea pigs at home. She said: ‘They’re easy to handle and very friendly.’

Lisa Brzezinski, 46, of Gosport, said it was the way the animals interacted with humans that made them special.

She said: ‘They keep you company because they squeak a lot.’




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