Hampshire anglers face fines for catching salmon

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EVERY river in Hampshire has been closed for salmon fishing until next year to protect the fish during their breeding season.

No salmon fishing is permitted on rivers until January 17 and anyone found fishing illegally faces prosecution and a fine.

The Environment Agency’s fisheries technical officer for the Solent Paul Newman said: ‘This year’s close season means that for three-and-a-half months anglers will not be able to go salmon fishing in rivers.

‘This necessary break on rivers such as the Test and Itchen will safeguard fish during their breeding season, resulting in increased fish stocks and better angling opportunities.

‘Also, salmon are often targeted by poachers and we take this crime very seriously. All efforts are being made to protect these fragile populations of fish.

‘There are plenty of other places to try coarse fishing such as lakes, ponds and stillwaters.’