Hampshire’s fire service warns of barbecue monoxide

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FIREFIGHTERS are warning people about the dangers of carbon monoxide given off by barbecues.

The advice comes after barbecue fumes were given as one possible cause of the death of a six-year-old girl in a New Forest campsite earlier this year.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is now seeking to make people aware that barbecues give off poisonous gas – even after they’ve gone out.

It advises that, whether gas or charcoal, they should only be used outdoors and never taken into an enclosed space, such as a tent or caravan.

Even when apparently out, barbecues can give off colourless, odourless, tasteless and invisible carbon monoxide fumes. Once finished with, campers are reminded to ensure their barbecue is fully out and a safe distance away.

A spokesman for the service said: ‘To prevent an increased risk of fire, barbecues should be used with care and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. They should always be off the ground and never left unattended. Approved fuel and firelighters only ever be used.’