Havant pensioners up their protest

Portsmouth Grammar School pupils, back from left  to right: Sam Rush, Oliver Clark, Hermione Barrick, Michaela Clancy, Ilana Berney, Lizzy Greenfield, Charlotte Phillips, Grace Goodfellow, Caleb Barron, Robert Merriam. Front row, left to right: Katie Morrison, Gemma Webb, Lana Watt, Alfie Perry-Ward

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COUNCILLORS have joined pensioners to step up their protest over charges for their mobility scooters.

Cllrs Faith Ponsonby, Anne Buckley and Katie Ray, who each represent Battins, met disabled tenants at Keats House, in Havant.

The councillors told residents they would be contacting housing provider Guinness Hermitage to make them reconsider new charges and insurance demands. Residents must remove their scooters by the end of this month if they don’t pay £200 a year to insure them.

Resident Rowland Wise, 90, said: ‘It’s complete robbery. I’ve got to pay the charges using my disability allowance.’

Lib Dem Cllr Ray said: ‘The residents all feel neglected. We want to make sure they get the voice they need.’