Waterlooville family say big thanks for new wheelchair

WHEN the family of Sam Merrick set up a fundraising page to get him a new wheelchair, they were blown away with how quickly the cash came in.

Flick Drummond MP
Picture by: Malcolm Wells (160723-8485c)

Portsmouth MP calls for more support for people with arthritis

CALLS are being made for workers with arthritis to get more support.

Ruth Carter, Head of Nursing for Surgery and Cancer and Lead Cancer Nurse for Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust visited the store on Clement Atlee Way to receive a �2,000 cheque.

CAPTION: Ruth Carter collects the cheque from Tesco.

Act of kindness from Tesco staff members

STAFF at Portsmouth’s North Harbour Tesco store are well-known for their charity work.


Mayor given hospital tour

A MAYOR was given a tour of key departments at a hospital on Friday.

POLL: Should people with minor injuries be turned away from QA?

POLL: Should people with minor injuries be turned away from QA?

Hundreds of people are being treated at the Queen Alexandra Hospital despite not being seriously enough injured to be there.

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QA Hospital in Cosham Picture: PA

Thieves steal £29,000 from QA Hospital

THOUSANDS of pounds worth of jewellery, bikes and cash have been stolen from Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Crime 5

Coroner warns of ‘significant risks’ linked to drug

A CORONER has warned of the dangers of an antipsychotic drug after the death of a man who was taking it.

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From left, Liessa Mallinson, deputy contract at Manager Victim Support, Yvonne Carter, deputy service manager for SDAS, Claire Lambon, CEO of SDAS and Ian Stiff, contract account manager at Victim Support.

CAPTION: From left, Liessa Mallinson, Yvonne Carter, Claire Lambon and Ian Stiff.

Local charities join forces to fight domestic abuse

TWO local charities have partnered with one another to take significant steps in the fight against domestic abuse.

Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Portsmouth lecturer has his say on study showing 10 fruit and veg a day is key to longer life

Eating 10 portions of fruit and vegetables every day could significantly reduce a person’s risk of heart disease and cancer, a new study has found.

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Figures show staff absences in NHS organisations

STAFF sickness has led to nearly 8,000 days of absences in the NHS in the area.

Les Heyhoe BCAv, left, presents Alicia Pannell with a cheque for �10,006.05, which will be used to fund a specially designed wheelchair and hoists around the house.

CAPTION: Alicia Pannell, centre, is presented with a cheque for �10,006.05.

Fundraising for a very special young lady

IT was just over a year ago that Lyn and I bumped into Sharon Pannell at a Gosport car boot sale.

Days Out
Richard Samuel, leader of  the Hampshire and the Isle of Wight sustainability and transformation plan footprint

‘NHS funding is not keeping up pace...’

THE NHS is changing, and will change a lot more in the next few years – and we need to talk about it.

B&Q issues safety warning over light fittings

B&Q issues safety warning over light fittings

B&Q has issued a safety warning following concerns being raised over a range of light fittings.


Reminder to use Portsmouth walk-in clinic this half-term

PEOPLE in Portsmouth and the surrounding area are being reminded to go to the walk-in centre this half-term if they have minor injuries.


South east MEP calls for government to prioritise NHS over nuclear

A Member of the European Parliament for the south east of England is calling for the government to prioritise the NHS over nuclear programmes.

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New service in Portsmouth area will support adults with ADHD

A NEW service for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder will be extended across Portsmouth and the wider area.

Louise Spencer, from Waterlooville, had encephalitis

Spinnaker Tower supporting World Encephalitis Day by lighting red

THE Spinnaker Tower will be joining landmarks around the world in lighting up red to support World Encephalitis Day.

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Adults urged to exercise

A CAMPAIGN is encouraging families to get active and be healthier.

Could you have the deadly inherited condition that affects 36,000 people in south east?

Could you have the deadly inherited condition that affects 36,000 people in south east?

The majority of people with an inherited high cholesterol condition are ‘needlessly undiagnosed’, say the British Heart Foundation

The accident and emergency department at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham. Picture: Ian Hargreaves

Portsmouth NHS Trust has ‘one of the worst’ A&E waiting times

WAITING times at A&E departments across the Portsmouth area are among the worst in England, a new report has claimed.

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