‘Alcohol is a poison’ - warning from expert

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A SENIOR official for alcohol awareness has warned people against experimenting with the dangerous drinking game, NekNominate.

Alan Knobel, alcohol strategy co-ordinator for Portsmouth City Council, stressed that alcohol is a toxin.

It comes as scores of people across the area are downing large quantities of alcohol and filming it for social media, as reported in The News on Saturday.

He said: ‘Alcohol is a poison and also a depressant.

‘In excess it can have major effects on the body. Week in, week out we have people admitted to hospital. People need to be careful about how much they are drinking.’

Mr Knobel said he had had no reports so far of people being admitted to Queen Alexandra Hospital after doing a NekNomination.

He added: ‘Hopefully it is a passing fad and we don’t have anyone in Portsmouth who seriously hurts themselves.’