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GETTING a congratulatory kiss from his daughter, Trevor Seaton was an inspirational winner.

Last night Mr Seaton won the Ambulance Worker of the Year category at the Best of Health Awards 2013.

Ambulance Worker of the Year Trevor Seaton gets kiss from his daughter Dee who nominated him for the award.

Ambulance Worker of the Year Trevor Seaton gets kiss from his daughter Dee who nominated him for the award.

The 52-year-old was put forward by his daughter Deanna, as she said in her nomination: ‘My dad saves lives and puts smiles back onto the faces of people who are in pain or scared.’

The Portsmouth Guildhall erupted into a massive cheer as Mr Seaton’s name was called out.

Mr Seaton, who works for South Central Ambulance Service, said: ‘To win is fantastic – to know all that you have done is appreciated is great.

‘I’ve got a portfolio at home of letters that people have sent to say thank you.

‘But to have an award is fantastic.’

One example of Mr Seaton’s hard work was when he saved the life of toddler Ralfie Andrews, now three.

His mother Lisa went into labour in the early hours of the morning, and ended up giving birth outside Mr Seaton’s home, in Broadmere Avenue, Leigh Park.

Ralfie’s umbilical cord had become wrapped around his neck, and was stopping him from breathing.

Mum-of-four Lisa, of Crondale Avenue, Leigh Park, said: ‘At the time we lived the flat above Trevor.

‘My waters broke at about 1am and I was walking down the stairs to get in the car.

‘But I ended up giving birth outside the flats, as it happened quickly.

‘But when I couldn’t hear my baby cry, I started to panic and was scared.’

Lisa’s family quickly knocked on Mr Seaton’s door to see if he could help.

He said: ‘I moved Ralfie into the right position, so I could get the cord off.

‘Then I started CPR on him, and he was fine as he started breathing.

‘Once a rapid response vehicle arrived, we got some oxygen on him, and thankfully he was doing good.

‘It’s brilliant to see little Ralfie running around now, and to know I saved his life.’

Lisa said that she can never thank Mr Seaton enough for what he did that night.

She added: ‘He saved Ralfie’s life, there’s no doubt about it.

‘We said thank you to him, but it’s never enough.

‘I’m so glad he won this award, he is a lifesaver.’

And that’s just one of the heartwarming stories heard at the Portsmouth Guildhall.

The Best of Health Awards were launched to honour and celebrate all the unsung heroes in the world of health.

From doctors and nurses, to pharmacies and dentists, community health teams and mental health workers – all areas of health were recognised.

The awards, which were sponsored overall by Spofforths Chartered Accountants, were fronted by TV presenter Fred Dinenage.

He said: ‘I always love to present these awards.

‘You hear some of the most touching stories of people, who really do care.

‘Everyone nominated were all winners, and it was great to see so many people.

‘I would like to thank The News for putting on these awards.’

Best of Health Awards roll of honour

Ambulance worker of the Year

Sponsored by the University of Portsmouth

Winner – Trevor Seaton

Carer of the Year

Sponsored by Bond Security

Winner – Kinross Nursing Home

Runner-up – Admiral Care

Community Team / Worker of the Year

Winner – Pauline Taylor

Runner-up - June Lunn

Dental Practice of the Year

Sponsored by Natwest

Winner – Gowers Dental Surgery

Runner-up – Practice in the Park

GP Practice of the Year

Sponsored by Spofforths

Winner – Sunnyside Medical Practice

Runner-up – Brockhurst Medical Centre

Hospital Doctor of the Year

Sponsored by Verisona Law

Winner – Asha Senapathi

Runner-up – Tim Guilford

Hospital Nurse of the Year

Sponsored by Wave 105

Winner – Jeanette Barnes

Runner-up – Elaine Bowes

Hospital Team of the Year

Sponsored by Lalys Pharmacy

Winner – Paediatric team

Runner-up – Renal team

Mental Health Worker / Team of the Year

Sponsored by Admiral Care

Winner – Brooker Ward

Runner-up – Hewat Centre

Midwife of the Year

Winner - Joanne Warwick

Runner Up - Kim Leonard

Pharmacy of the Year

Winner – Lloyds

Runner-up – Lalys

Unsung Hero

Sponsored by Portsmouth Cultural Trust

Winner – SERV

Runner Up - Tracey Bertram, Chris Read, Lisa Stubbs, and Celeste Gilchrist, teachers at Petersgate Infant School

WE LAUNCHED the Best of Health Awards earlier this year.

We asked readers to nominate their health heroes, across 12 categories.

And this year, as ever, scores of you put pen to paper, or emailed us, to explain why you decided to nominate someone.

Once the nominations were in, it was up to the judges to make the tough choice of picking a winner and runner up.

The judging panel was made up of The News editor Mark Waldron, health reporter Priya Mistry, the director of public health Andrew Mortimore, and overall sponsors Spofforths Chartered Accountants.

Each category that had a sponsor was also judged by that firm.

All this culminated in an evening of cheers and celebrations last night when we presented certificates to the runners up, and trophies to the winners.

Speaking on the night, Mark Waldron, editor of The News, said:

‘The healthcare system is something we have all had experience of.

‘Whether that’s from routine dentist appointments, to visiting a doctor or needing the expert skills of a surgeon.

‘There are many people who say they could not speak highly enough of the care and treatment they have received.

‘As well as those nominated, I would like to thank our sponsors who have helped this special evening happen.’

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