Brother of Ashya King posts video thanking fundraisers for support

Toby Meredith (Media Porduction Manager, University of Portsmouth), Liz Hawes (Research Nurse, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust), and Simon Toh (Consultant Surgeon, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust)

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THE brother of Ashya King has made another video thanking everyone who has put money towards the boy’s on-going treatment.

Naveed King has posted a video on YouTube praising the efforts of fundraisers and said a bank account has now been set up where all contributions can be put in.

Naveed King

Naveed King

‘We have seen much generosity from people from all around the world, giving money to Ashya for the treatment that he needs.

‘We now need to get all of this money into the right place.’

The bank account details are: IBAN: ES80 0081 0611 9500 0156 8360 BIC: BSAB ESBB.