Concerned pensioners stage Portsmouth demonstration against the government’s NHS proposals

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ANGRY pensioners staged a protest in Portsmouth against the planned NHS reforms.

Around 50 members of Portsmouth Pensioners’ Association gathered in Guildhall Square this week in opposition to government proposals for the health service.

Muriel Deacon, president of the association, said: ‘We held this protest because we are all concerned about the reforms. We are so very much afraid that there are going to be longer waiting times and for older people, the time waiting is such a lot of heartache if it’s something serious.

‘We’re also worried about the private companies moving in and taking over.

‘We’re just concerned about all the possible changes and concerned about how quickly this all seems to be being done. It’s being rushed and it’s also going to cost a lot to do.

‘This government promised it would protect the NHS but it’s not.’

The pensioners are considering more demonstrations in the city.