Eye patient urges people to sign up as donors

Bob Evans
Bob Evans
John Knighton, medical director of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

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PEOPLE should sign up to the organ donation register and talk about their wishes with family.

That is the message from Bob Evans, 50, who suffers from an eye condition called keratoconus.

His eyes are misshaped and needs cornea transplants – which he is due to get next month.

‘It’s gradually got worse and worse,’ he said.

‘Reading, using a PC, sending emails – I can’t do any of that.’

He is calling for people to sign up to the register.

NHS Blood and Transplant has said people are less likely to donate their eyes, skin, bone and tendons than other organs.

But Bob, of Southsea, added: ‘It’s really important you tell your family it’s something you feel strongly about so that – god forbid it does happen – they know.’

See organdonation.nhs.uk