Family pin hopes on treatment to help Meliah to walk

HELP Collette Webster, 36, with her 23-month-old daughter Meliah Webster who has cerebral palsy.     Picture: Sarah Standing (111705-2766)
HELP Collette Webster, 36, with her 23-month-old daughter Meliah Webster who has cerebral palsy. Picture: Sarah Standing (111705-2766)
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ALL Meliah Webster wants is to be able to run about and play like other children.

But the 23-month-old has cerebral palsy – which was caused by her brain being starved of oxygen during birth, followed by a brain haemorrhage and stroke.

It has left the right side of her body paralysed.

So while her older siblings play around her, she can only sit on the floor and attempt to shuffle along using her left arm and leg.

But ground-breaking treatment in Germany could change all that and so her family are now on a mission to raise the £10,000 needed to make it happen.

‘It could transform her life and help her walk,’ said mum Collette Webster, 36, of Fratton Road, Fratton.

‘We desperately want her to have this treatment so she can do all the things other children do.

‘It’s heartbreaking at the moment. She sees her sisters running around and she says to me “I want to be able to walk mummy”. She’s so frustrated – it brings me to tears.’

The stem cell treatment will see bone marrow taken from Meliah’s hip and put back into her body to try and repair her damaged brain cells. It could help her to walk and use her right hand and arm.

Meliah’s parents first heard about the treatment when they met Charlie Smith and his mum Vicky at physiotherapy.

Charlie was in the same position as Meliah a year ago, and his mum was trying to raise the £10,000 to get him the very same treatment in Germany.

And after hitting the target, Charlie had the treatment and just shortly afterwards, the three-year-old was able to take his first steps with the use of walking sticks or a frame.

Miss Webster said: ‘Knowing it’s worked for other children has given us hope it could work for Meliah.’

The first fundraiser to help raise the £10,000 for Meliah’s treatment is to take place on Saturday, May 28.

It will be a fundraising night at the Royal Maritime Club in Queen Street, Portsmouth, from 6.30pm to 11.30pm.

Tickets are £5 and are available before the night or on the door, and include a free raffle ticket. The evening will also feature an auction, disco and body waxing to raise money.

More fundraisers are also in the pipeline, including a sponsored walk.

To buy tickets for the first fundraiser or to make a donation towards Meliah’s treatment, call Collette on 07514 112850 or 07753 74239, or email