Family raises £40,000 for Sam’s surgery

Sam Deakin-Mant (6), and his mum Lisa '''Picture: Allan Hutchings (13119-972)
Sam Deakin-Mant (6), and his mum Lisa '''Picture: Allan Hutchings (13119-972)
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SIX-year-old Samuel Deakin-Mant will be heading to America after his family raised enough money for him to have life-changing surgery.

As previously reported in The News, Samuel, who attends Court Lane Junior School, near Cosham, suffers from cerebral palsy.

He needs an operation which is only available in America which will make his legs less stiff.

The surgery and aftercare cost £70,000 but after their last fundraiser, Samuel’s family managed to get over the halfway mark.

Lisa, Samuel’s mum, said: ‘It is so great to finally have enough for the operations and all the aftercare in America.

‘Everything in the States comes to £40,000 and we have managed to raise that a week before we head out.

‘Now, we just need to concentrate on the physiotherapy he needs when he returns home.

‘The operation will make his legs less stiff but they need to be made stronger.

‘That means three physiotherapy lessons a weeks when we return, as well as other exercise equipment for him at home.’

The latest fundraiser was a black-tie dinner event at the Marriott hotel in North Harbour, Portsmouth.

More than 100 people turned up to enjoy a three-course meal and live music from new local band The Vinyls.

An auction and raffle also took place and the entire night raised £3,700.

Lisa added: ‘The black-tie night was so good.

‘Everyone made an effort and looked amazing in their formal wear.

‘The guests were generous with their donations for the auction and raffle which managed to raise a staggering amount of money.

‘The food was amazing and the band was great.

‘Dave Barrett was really good and the band really made for a great atmosphere and lots of people were dancing.

‘Everyone had a brilliant time.’

Samuel and his family leave for America on May 31.

But they are doing one more fundraiser before they go.

Lisa arranged for a vintage tea room to be set up at St Colman’s Church hall, St Colman’s Avenue, Cosham. It took place on Saturday and featured a DJ and live music.