Farewell party held for Ashya King after he finishes proton therapy

Ashya  with his father Brett and the PTC team at a farewell celebration in Prague
Ashya with his father Brett and the PTC team at a farewell celebration in Prague
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A FAREWELL party has been held for Ashya King following the completion of his proton therapy treatment.

The family of the five-year-old held a celebration at The Proton Therapy Centre, in Prague, to mark the end of his time there.

Health bosses say Ashya, who has been suffering from a brain tumour, was treated with no complications and his condition is getting ‘better and better’.

As reported, the NHS in the UK has decided to cover Ashya’s proton treatment, and ensured the proton treatment will be available in the country from 2018.

By this time, two proton centers will be opened.

Iva Taťounová, director at PTC, who organised the treatment Ashya’s treatment, said: ‘Ashya does not have to stay in bed, he is able to sit and hold his own head, reacts with interest to his surroundings and faces the people around him.

‘Also his motoric was improving, he can now play with toys and communicates with his surroundings.’

It’s understood that with further courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, there is a 70 t0 80 per cent chance of Ashya’s condition being cured.

Ashya is now set to undergo more treatment in Spain and this is being handled by Professor Dr. Hernán Cortés Funes with the family. They are due to fly out this weekend.