Fundraisers aid terminally-ill Leigh Park mum

Caroline Arnold with children Cameron, Rhiannon, Kian and partner Jay Graham.
Caroline Arnold with children Cameron, Rhiannon, Kian and partner Jay Graham.
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FAMILY and friends of a mum with terminal cancer have arranged a fundraising day for her.

Caroline Arnold was diagnosed with bowel cancer in January.

But by the time doctors discovered the disease it had already spread to her liver.

Now, following chemotherapy, the 37-year-old, who has four children, has been told there is nothing more doctors can do to help her as the cancer is too far advanced.

Kelly Boulton, 37, who has been friends with Caroline for more than a decade, has joined up with other friends to put on a fundraising event at Warren Park Primary School tomorrow to raise money for Caroline’s family.

She said: ‘Everyone is just devastated. Caroline’s youngest son Kian is only one.

‘It brings home how precious life is.

‘But she is a strong lady. She is an inspiration to so many people for the strength and courage she has shown.’

Miss Arnold first started to feel unwell after Kian was born, last September.

At first doctors believed it was irritation from scar tissue from caesareans.

But she continued to feel extremely ill months after the birth and her mother, Sue Barnard, insisted she go to the doctors again.

A lump was found and a CT scan showed there were two tumours on her bowel and two secondary tumours on her liver.

Mrs Barnard, of Otterbourne Crescent, Leigh Park, said: ‘After a couple of sessions of chemotherapy a scan showed the tumours had shrunk by half. But unfortunately Caroline caught shingles and had to stop chemo.

‘She went back onto a different chemotherapy and the day before her birthday, last month, the oncologist told her there was nothing else they could do.

‘She went from being told the tumours were shrinking to being told she had 20 per cent liver function.

‘Everyone has been amazing. People knock Leigh Park but the people here have been unbelievable.

‘Everyone has pulled together for us and Andy Prowting.’

There will be bouncy castles, football tournaments and more at the fun day which is at Warren Park Primary School, Sandleford Road, from midday to 5pm.