Give your blood and save lives, says Meon Valley MP George Hollingbery

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MEON Valley MP George Hollingbery is supporting a campaign to encourage more people with a much-needed type of blood to donate.

Only eight per cent of people are O-negative – which is in demand for emergencies because it can be given to anyone.

Every year the NHS is short of this blood group.

Mr Hollingbery is O-negative himself and gave a pint of his blood.

He said: ‘Every year there is a call for more supplies of O-negative blood, and so I thought it was a good idea to try and raise more awareness, both inside and outside parliament, that this is an important thing to do that is absolutely certain to help save people’s lives.

‘If just a few more people take the time to register to be donors then that’s a great start to the campaign.’


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