GP backs Gosport shed project for retired men

Toby Meredith (Media Porduction Manager, University of Portsmouth), Liz Hawes (Research Nurse, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust), and Simon Toh (Consultant Surgeon, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust)

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A GP is supporting a scheme which helps the health and wellbeing of retired men.

Dr David Chilvers, chairman of the Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group, backs the Gosport Shed project.

As reported Martin Corrick, 68, is the founder of the Gosport Shed, which is a workshop-type facility for retired men aimed at countering social isolation and depression.

Dr Chilvers said: ‘It is a workshop and social centre where retired men can work on various projects, enjoy a cup of tea and make new friends and considerably enhance their social life.

‘It was started by a group of older men who realised they can get bored, isolated, depressed and ill after retirement – a time when many people lose regular contact with many work colleagues.

‘The project is doing great work to promote health and wellbeing, and I’m delighted that it is thriving – having moved into two large rooms at Fort Brockhurst.’