Delegates cycle to Birmingham conference

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A TEAM of cyclists have set off for the annual diabetes conference in Birmingham - on their bicycles.

A TEAM of cyclists have set off for an annual diabetes conference in Birmingham – on their bikes.

The six-strong group are cycling the 155 miles from Portsmouth to raise awareness of diabetes.

They left Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth yesterday on the morning of World Diabetes Day and expect to arrive at the NEC in two days’ time.

The team consists of staff from Fareham-based glucose monitoring company Nipro, QA Hospital diabetes nurse Lorraine Avery and Angela Allison from the charity Diabetes Power.

Chris Avery, Loz Rawlings-Johnson, Jez Barber and Mike Harris are cycling for Nipro.

Mrs Allison, 43, from Preston, set up Diabetes Power as her daughter, Claudia Tate, 11, suffers from type 1 diabetes.

Nipro have been helping her to raise money and awareness for the past two years.

Claudia said: ‘Everybody at school always asks me questions about my diabetes like “what is it?” and “why do I inject myself?” – I have questions every day. My mum is amazing –she really helps me.’

Mrs Allison said: ‘I don’t think people realise that type 1 diabetes is such a challenge.

‘When Claudia was first diagnosed we didn’t realise the impact that it would have on our lives.

‘So here we are, raising awareness.’

Recent survey figures from Diabetes UK have revealed that nine out of 10 parents do not know the four main symptoms of the condition. Just nine per cent of the 1,170 parents who took part in the IPSOS Mori survey were able to correctly identify the symptoms.

Jane Rowney, nurse specialist at QA Hospital, said: ‘People don’t know what diabetes is, how they can prevent it and how they can keep well when they have got it. More people need to know.’

Frequently urinating, excessive thirst, extreme tiredness, and unexplained weight loss are all symptoms of type 1 diabetes. A campaign has labelled them the 4Ts – toilet, thirsty, tired and thinner.

Visit for more information on Mrs Allison’s charity Diabetes Power.




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