Mini-stroke patients to fill in survey

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PEOPLE who have suffered from a mini-stroke are being called on to take part in a survey.

If you’ve ever felt your face tingle, stumbled your speech for a short time, or experienced pins and needles in your arm, then it could be a sign of Transient Ischaemic Attack.

The Stroke Association is calling on residents in the south, who have had a TIA, to take part in the charity’s new survey.

Katherine Staley, regional head of operations for the south central region at the Stroke Association, said: ‘We’ve heard many stories of people who have gone on to have a major stroke within a day, week, or even a few months after their TIA, but had not recognised the signs.

‘I hope anyone affected by a TIA, or stroke, will help us by filling in this survey.’

It runs until November 30, call 020 7566 0300, or visit

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