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PARENTS Michael and Natalie Frost say they are pleased to be invited to Westminster to discuss introducing a £10 test, which they believe could have saved their daughter’s life.

As previously reported in The News, Mr and Mrs Frost, of Paddington Road, North End, were devastated when their baby girl, who they named Ella, was stillborn.

She died in the womb after contracting group B streptococcus.

The couple believe the germ can be detected with a test costing around £10, but this is not available on the NHS.

On June 28, they will go to the House of Commons, where a report into how the condition can be prevented will be launched by Plymouth MP Alison Seabeck.

Mrs Frost, 29, said: ‘We’re really pleased we have been invited to this. It gives us hope that something can be done to introduce this test, but we’re also fearful that it will go no further than this meeting because it has been held twice before.’

The couple have collected signatures for a petition at