Portsmouth ranks badly for early deaths

There are concerns about the number of early deaths in Portsmouth
There are concerns about the number of early deaths in Portsmouth
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PEOPLE living in Portsmouth face a higher chance of dying early, new government data shows.

The city is ranked 104 out of 150 areas by local authority for early deaths under the age of 75.

The information, released today by Public Health England, shows there was 1,689 in 2009 to 2011.

It means Portsmouth had 305 deaths per 100,000 for 2009 to 2011, compared to Manchester, the worst with 455, and Wokingham, the best, with 200.

The Longer Lives data shows Portsmouth is ranked 116th for early deaths due to cancer, 104th for heart disease and stroke, 99th for lung disease and 106th for liver disease.

The government said the data will let local councils, now responsible for public health, identify areas of concern.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt MP said: ‘This shocking variation in early and unnecessary deaths means people’s lives are needlessly cut short, and that cannot continue unchecked.

‘I want areas to use the data released today to identify local public health challenges like smoking, drinking and obesity and to take action to help achieve our ambition for saving 30,000 lives a year by 2020.

‘Being more transparent will also allow professionals and the public to see how their local area is performing over time, allowing them to intervene and make improvements happen.’

See longerlives.phe.org.uk for the data comparison.