Portsmouth set to hit MMR target

A 'MMR vaccination
A 'MMR vaccination

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PORTSMOUTH is on track to hit national childhood vaccination targets.

This is according to the immunisation and vaccination report presented to the Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group, at its monthly board meeting.

The paper, written by Matthew Pickerill, the development manager for health protection, said that in 2011/12, only one out of eight childhood vaccination targets was achieved in Portsmouth.

Of the seven targets not achieved, four were missed by less than five per cent, and two missed by more than five per cent.

The immunisation rate for children aged five, who have had the two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), in Portsmouth was 83.8 per cent.

This is compared to the national average of 86 per cent.

And the vaccination rate for children aged five, who have had diphtheria, tetanus, polio and whooping cough jabs, is 84.8 per cent.

Nationally, 95 per cent is the aim for most programmes, as that gives ‘herd immunity’.

But the report said the data shows steady and sustained increase in childhood vaccination uptake rates.

In order to ensure this happened, the Childhood Vaccination Action Plan was developed.

It detailed a programme of work for 2012/13, to improve the performance and quality of the childhood vaccination programme in the city.

This included running a campaign, encouraging parents to be heroes, and get their children immunised.

A practice nurse trainer was also hired, to work in GP surgeries, to identify issues related to the vaccination programmes in their practice and to support them to identify solutions.

The nurse visited all city practices, and the main issue highlighted in the project was the lack of clarity related to the system of paperwork involved with the child health system.

The practice nurse trainer educated many of the nurses and managers around, and produced a guidance project.

This is being implemented this year, in order to make sure targets are reached.