Portsmouth signed petition taken to the capital over NHS plans

SIGNED Baroness Gibson, left with John Ferrett, centre and Ken Ferrett, right.
SIGNED Baroness Gibson, left with John Ferrett, centre and Ken Ferrett, right.
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MORE than 1,000 people in Portsmouth have signed a petition calling for the government to rethink plans to reform the NHS.

John Ferrett, chairman of Portsmouth Labour Party, and party treasurer Ken Ferrett presented a petition at the House of Lords.

They believe the government’s Health and Social Care Bill will fragment the NHS and disadvantage the poorest in society.

The petition was received by Labour Peer Baroness Anne Gibson, who will now present the petition to Earl Howe, the government health minister in the Lords.

Mr Ferrett said: ‘The signatures on the petition were gathered from face-to-face conversations with Portsmouth residents, both on the doorstep and at a street stall in Cosham High Street.

‘The response from people, irrespective of political allegiance, was overwhelmingly opposition to what the government are proposing.

‘In fact I would say that 95 per cent of those who we spoke to believed the bill should be scrapped, not least because it was not part of either the Conservative or Liberal Democrat manifesto.’

Baroness Gibson said: ‘The response from the people of Portsmouth mirrors the response that I am receiving every day from people the length and breadth of the country.’

The government says the proposals, if approved, would promote patient choice and reduce administration costs.