Portsmouth talk highlights how to cope with diabetes

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The annual event has been held for more than a decade and has one aim.

And that’s to educate people with diabetes how to manage their condition, find out more about different treatments, follow the right diet and see the benefits of exercise.

Around 70 people were at the conference, which was held in St James’ Hospital, in Locksway Road, Milton, Portsmouth.

Grace Roberts, of Lower Quay, Fareham, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last year.

The 78-year-old said: ‘I was having a check-up in Tesco for blood pressure and I was asked if I wanted a free glucose test and cholesterol, so I agreed.

‘It was from there concerns were raised and I went to see my GP who confirmed I had diabetes.

‘I was completely shocked and realised I hardly knew anything about it.

‘However I knew my brother-in-law had it and he died aged only 69. My sister cared for him wonderfully, but he didn’t have a nice death.

‘It made me think that you have got to look after yourself so you can make the best of it.

‘The information at this conference was amazing, it was so helpful and well-delivered.’

The conference is run by community health providers Solent NHS Trust, Southern Health NHS Trust, and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

A quick-fire ‘speed dating’ session was also held where podiatrists, dieticians, GPs, nurse specialists and a dentist, went around to different groups and answer any questions.

As previously reported, figures produced earlier this year showed Fareham had the highest rate of diabetes-related amputations in the country – 5.1 per 1,000 diabetics.

This is almost twice the national average of 2.6 per 1,000 and seven times that of patients in London.

Raymond Hale, 77, is chairman of the Fareham and Gosport Diabetes UK support group.

He said: ‘Diabetes is a very serious condition, and if you don’t look after yourself, then it can develop into much bigger problems.

‘This event was great for information to prevent this.’