QA is given a clean bill of health by its patients

SCORES Patients have rated Queen Alexandra Hospital highly in a new survey
SCORES Patients have rated Queen Alexandra Hospital highly in a new survey
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QUEEN Alexandra and other hospitals and clinics have scored well in the first set of patient-led assessments.

Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment (Place) were introduced in April.

They replace the former Patient Environment Action Team assessments, which had been undertaken from 2000 to 2012.

During April to June this year, a total of 1,358 assessments were undertaken in sites across the country, including hospitals, hospices and treatment centres, in four main areas.

Below is the breakdown for QA:

· In cleanliness, the national was 95.7 per cent, and QA scored 98.5 per cent.

· In condition, appearance and maintenance, the national average was 88.8 per cent, and QA scored 94 per cent.

· In privacy, dignity and wellbeing, the national average was 88.9 per cent, and QA scored 94.8 per cent.

· In food and hydration, the national average was 85 per cent, and QA scored 87.1 per cent.

Julie Dawes, director of nursing at QA, said: ‘We are really proud of these results, which show we are above the national average for all of the quality categories we were assessed on.

‘The Place results also show the close working relationship we have with our facilities management, Carillion staff, our volunteers and public members who gave up their time to support the trust.

‘We are thankful for their hard work in maintaining the high standards at Queen Alexandra Hospital.’

Place is a self-assessment of a range of non-clinical services, which contribute to the environment where healthcare is delivered in the both the NHS and independent and private healthcare sector in England.

Solent NHS Trust runs three centres in Portsmouth – St Mary’s Community Health Campus, in Milton Road, Milton, St James’ Hospital, in Locksway Road, Milton, and Jubilee House, in Medina Road, Cosham.

St Mary’s scored higher than the national average in two areas, St James’ higher in three areas, and Jubilee House in one.

Ellen McNicholas, deputy director of nursing and allied health professionals for Solent NHS Trust, said: ‘We are really pleased with these results, which show that our standards are well above the national average in most areas. We are proud of that but will not be complacent.

‘Importantly, we see Place as an opportunity to make the inspection process a lot more inclusive, rather than exclusive and made a decision to have more patient assessors and lots of teams visiting our sites than recommended.

‘The Department of Health has commended us for adopting such an approach and has asked us to share with them our success.’