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QA is working to reduce the problem of bed-blocking, when patients who are ready to leave the hospital cannot do so due to care packages not being ready

Bed-blocking: Patient is stuck in hospital for 17 weeks waiting for care package to be agreed

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THE NHS is reminding people to visit their pharmacist to collect prescriptions before the bank holiday weekend.

Some pharmacists may be closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.

Neil Hardy, head of medicines management for NHS Hampshire, said: ‘If you are taking prescribed medication it is important to make sure you have adequate supplies to cover the holiday period.

‘If you have friends or relatives visiting that take medication, remind them to bring adequate supplies with them when they come.

‘Finally, in case of accidents, make sure the first-aid box is well-stocked – your local pharmacist can advise.’

If you become unwell over Easter, there are a range of services available. To find out what service is best to use visit

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