Southampton General Hospital refute allegations over Ashya King’s treatment

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THE hospital where Ashya King was taken from says it would not have taken legal action against his family for seeking alternative treatment abroad.

Doctor Peter Wilson, of Southampton General Hospital, made the declaration during a TV interview about the hospital’s involvement in Ashya’s situation today.

It comes after Ashya’s father Brett King said the hospital was threatening to make an emergency protection order stopping him from visiting his son if he continued questioning doctors.

Dr Wilson refuted allegations made by Mr King that his five-year-old son would have either been killed or turned into a ‘vegetable’ if he had stayed in England for treatment for a brain tumour.

Dr Wilson also stressed hospital staff had not ‘over-egged’ Ashya’s situation to police before a warrant was obtained for the arrest of Ashya’s parents.

Dr Wilson said: ‘We had no idea at the time that they (the parents) had enough feed and power in the battery pack (for Ashya) and there was no evidence of that and if they had no training with the equipment.

He added: ‘We absolutely refute that we over-egged it.’