Study has identified cancer ‘at risk areas’

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A STUDY into bowel cancer has identified areas where residents are most at risk of getting the disease.

In Portsmouth, residents living in areas including Charles Dickens, Fratton, Cosham, Nelson, Paulsgrove, Eastney and Craneswater, St Thomas and Baffins, have been found to be most at risk of developing bowel cancer. Outside the city, Gosport has been identified as an area of high risk.

The areas have been chosen based on a combination of lifestyle risk factors, such as smoking and poor diet, and bowel cancer mortality rates.

The Bowel Cancer Awareness project, hosted by Central South Coast Cancer Network, will be seeking to understand the barriers preventing early diagnosis in the high-risk areas. Information will be gathered across these areas and will help the NHS to promote awareness and improve patients’ outcomes.

Matthew Smith, associate director for public health at NHS Portsmouth, said: ‘Early diagnosis can significantly change a person’s recovery time and chances of survival.’