Support campaign for cancer fuel bills

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A CHARITY which provides grants for fuel for patients suffering from cancer is concerned about rising bills.

Macmillan Cancer Support provided £31,746 in grants to 200 cancer patients in Hampshire last year, to help with the cost of heating their homes.

The charity has now launched a Fuel Poverty campaign, and a petition will be presented to the government.

In 1911 when the charity was founded, sacks of coal were provided for people with cancer who couldn’t afford to keep warm.

Now, 100 years on, improved cancer treatments mean that many more people survive cancer but Macmillan still needs to provide help for people living with cancer who are struggling to keep warm.

David Crosby, general manager of the charity, said: ‘It’s unacceptable that cancer patients, who feel the cold more and spend long periods of time at home, are too scared to put the heating on because they can’t afford the cost of rising fuel bills.’