Tips to stay safe in the sun given by health trust

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AMBULANCE officials are issuing advice on how to stay safe in the sun during the current hot weather.

South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) says people need to make sure they are safe during the current hot spell and during the forthcoming half term holiday.

has given the following safety

SCAS says people should:

n Reduce exposure to sun between 11am to 4pm and sit in the shade where possible.

n Wear lightweight, tightly woven, loose-fitting clothing – covering arms and legs.

n Wear a wide-brimmed hat that covers your head, face, ears and neck.

n Always wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection.

n Use factor 15 or higher sunscreen and factor 30 if you’re out all day.

n Apply sunscreen generously and reapply throughout the day.

n Keep babies out of the direct sun.

n Drivers are being warned to check for children near ice cream vans and parked cars.

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