Whiteley will not have vets above doctors

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AN application for a vets to go above a doctors surgery in Whiteley has been sent back to the drawing board by councillors.

Fareham Borough Council deemed the application for a change of use on the first floor of the Whiteley Surgery to be too risky as people using the vets and doctors would have to use the same entrance.

The councillors also brought up concerns about the lack of car parking spaces.

Currently, the first floor of the Whiteley Surgery on Yew Tree Drive has permission to trade as a dental practice, although it is not currently doing so.

Cara Golden put in the application for the vets, as well as for another site on Parkway.

The application sparked concern online, with some people worrying about the mix of sick children with sick animals.

Five letters were written to the council raising similar concerns.

The application split the councillors on the planning committee, with some 
councillors welcoming the change of use as it would provide Whiteley with a much-needed service.

On the planning committee, Cllr Roger Price, said: ‘In my mind, the two do not mix.

‘There probably is a need for a veterinary surgery in Whiteley but putting a vets with a doctors is totally wrong.’

Also on the planning committee Cllr Arthur Mandry said: ‘Some dogs do not like going to the vets, they get aggressive.’

Cllr Peter Davies said: ‘We are all animals, some animals go to a GP and others go to a vet.’

Cllr Connie Hockley said: ‘I agree with Cllr Davies, we are all animals and it would save a lot of traffic going out of Whiteley to go to the nearest vets.’

The councillors finally agreed to send the plans back to council officers, who will negotiate with the vets about providing a separate entrance and increasing car parking before potentially resubmitting the plan.