Who killed my son?

Christine Lord launches her new book at Southsea Library
Christine Lord launches her new book at Southsea Library
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DETERMINED Christine Lord was delighted to see so much support for her book that tells the story of her son’s death.

The heartbroken mother-turned-author appeared as part of Portsmouth BookFest at Southsea Library for a signing of her book Who Killed My Son?

Mrs Lord’s son Andrew died of vCJD in 2007 and the 57-year-old is campaigning for blood screening to prevent the recycling of blood infected with the disease, which is caused by eating beef infected by bovine spongiform encephalopathy, known as BSE.

Mrs Lord, of Highland Terrace, Southsea, said: ‘The signing went well and people affected by CJD came to talk to me. It was hugely successful.’

The book is available from Amazon, Kindle and at Blackwell’s Portsmouth University book shop, all profits go back into her campaign.