Heartbreak as cat is shot and killed by thugs

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A BOY has been left heartbroken after his cat was shot and killed.

Matthew Simmons, 12, said a tearful goodbye to tabby cat Jerry who was shot five times with an air rifle.

The pet was seen limping into the house in Cheyne Way, Lee-on-the-Solent, at 10am on Sunday.

Mum Gillian Simmons rushed her to the vets, where they found a pellet lodged deep in her abdomen and a further four puncture wounds. They fought to save Jerry's life, but she died later that evening.

Now Matthew wants those responsible to be caught.

The pupil said: 'I am still in shock. I wanted a pellet gun for Christmas, but now I know how dangerous they are and I don't want one anymore.

'I just hate the people who did this. I miss my cat so much, I used to play with her all the time.'

Mrs Simmons and her son rounded up 12 friends and family on Monday night and posted hundreds of leaflets through letterboxes asking if people knew anything. They have also reported the incident to the police.

Mrs Simmons said: 'She came in on Sunday morning dragging her legs which were bleeding and collapsed on the kitchen floor.

'We took her to the vet and they tried, but they just couldn't save her.

'I'm devastated by this and Matthew was so upset – he loves animals and was praying for her to pull through.

'Whoever did this must be a monstrous person and they need to be punished. They need to know just what an awful thing it is they've done.'

Mackie Hobson, a vet at Companion Care Veterinary Surgery in Fareham, where Jerry was operated on, said she was the first cat he had known to die after being shot with an air rifle.

'The injuries were severe and the pellet had gone through the intestines and organs,' he said.

'We sometimes have cats in that have been shot but I've never known a cat to die from it.

'Shooting a cat or any animal is just disgusting.

'It's a terrible thing to happen.'

n Anyone with any information about this incident should contact Gosport police on 0845 045 45 45, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.