Heroin? No, I was talking about jerk chicken - dealer

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A cocaine dealer claimed a message on his phone asking for drugs was in fact an order for some jerk chicken, dumplings and rice.

Emmanuel Okubote told police the message about a 'one and one' - a slang term for a wrap of heroin and a wrap of cocaine - was nothing more than an order for food from a Caribbean takeaway in Fawcett Road, Southsea.

But a judge rejected the student's story and jailed him for two-and-a-half years at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Okubote was stopped by officers in Goldsmith Avenue, Southsea, in October.

He was carrying a small amount of cannabis, two mobile phones and 575 in cash.

A search of his home, a shared student house in Fawcett Road, revealed more money and a stash of drugs.

Hidden in a desk were 14 wraps of crack cocaine, worth 300, 16 grams of cannabis and a small amount of heroin.

Another 600 was tucked away in a safe.

Messages on his phone included: 'You got any food?', 'There's food about if you want some' and the message sent to him asking for a 'one and one'.

Prosecutor Anthony Bailey said: 'To suggest that these are text messages from a restaurant in relation to a meal that he had ordered is utter nonsense.'

The court heard Okubote had moved to Portsmouth from London to study accountancy at Highbury College.

He started selling cannabis to fellow students before moving on to class A drugs.

He has previous convictions for robbery, burglary and possession of cannabis.

Okubote, of Catford, London, pleaded guilty to possession of class A drugs with intent to supply, supplying a class B drug, and possession of a class A and B drugs.

Referring to Okubote's claim that the text was about food Recorder Jonathon Black said: 'I do not accept your assertion that this relates to a takeaway meal ordered by you.

'It's clear to me that what may have started out as supply of cannabis on a small scale to students escalated on a wider scale to anyone who could contact you.

'Having made a profit from cannabis in this way you turned to class A drugs'

PC Mark Stephenson, who led the investigation, said: 'He obviously tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the police and the courts and that won't be accepted.

'This is common slang used by used between dealers and users to say what they want.

'One and one means a wrap of heroin and a wrap of cocaine.

'It was ridiculous to say his mates were texting him about food, food is another common term used for drugs.

'He thought it was OK to deal to family and friends but if you supply drugs, especially class A drugs, you are looking at a lengthy custodial sentence.'

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